Where are you on the menopause Rollercoaster?


If you are between 40 and 60 and you feel like life has passed you by, to the point where you seem to have lost confidence , you are difficult to live with, everything gets you down, you are tired and irritable  then I can help you discover the four stages of the Menopause Rollercoaster , which stage you are in now and what to do next to change your life. I know how you are feeling and I can help you survive and thrive by being a guide through the ups and downs.  

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My sister reminded me the other day of the mystery of ‘The Parkray’. ‘What was it you and mum did once a month behind closed doors?’, she said. It wasn’t until she was ten years old and Mrs Page assured her she wasn’t actually dying and only needed a Dr Whites Number 1, that she found out and joined the secret club of ‘The Parkray Fire’ on Sunday mornings, men excluded.

How many of us were ill prepared for what it is to be a woman and how many of us are still stuck in the world of puberty and waiting for the secret to be revealed? Women talk or at least we’re supposed to. If you were lucky your mum told you, or you sat through one of those educational films, boys weren’t allowed to see, or your best mate started before you, but it was always a bit hush hush. And this was only your periods, sex was a completely different matter. I told my best friend Karen about it whilst waiting in the queue at the Greenshield Stamp shop much to the horror of the people standing nearby.

What you weren’t prepared for were the mood swings, the anxiety, irritability, depression, tiredness, cravings, headaches. Sound familiar? Well welcome to the menopause it’s worse. I’m not going into the medical terminology for it, the pros and cons of HRT or not ,because there are hundreds of books out there that do just that.



Take your first steps and fill in the survey and I will email you explaining where you are now and what to do next

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I am going to look at how you can cope with the feelings it brings out and little everyday manageable tips to help you on your way………….

What happens when the menopause arrives?